Announcing EvoCloud: The Cloud Solution That Improves Everything at Evomail


EvoCloud is here, and that means better service for every Evomail user.

Simply put, EvoCloud is the backend, the hub, the central nervous system of Evomail. Before this, we were using a standard server. Now we’re powering our own proprietary cloud system that will let us do things no one else can do. EvoCloud pushes Evomail to that next level we’ve been primed for all along.

More technical? “EvoCloud was an opportunity for us to clean-up a large amount of technical code debt built up from when we first started,” said co-founder and CEO Jonathan George. It wasn’t a complete rewrite of our system, but we did gut the initial code base. We also moved from Ruby to JRuby for performance reasons (in particular, native threading).

“It sets us up for the future with a lot of new stuff coming in the next 30-60 days; for instance, support for Exchange and iOS7,” he said.

Improved push notifications, which we announced late last week, is one of the most obvious improvements the launch of EvoCloud will allow for. Push in real time, the way it’s supposed to be.

evomail on dropbox

Auto-saving to Dropbox is one of the features we’re most excited to share as a result of EvoCloud. When you hit send, any attachments on those emails will automatically save to your Dropbox. That means you can access them any time, from anywhere, and reduce the potential for lost documents.

EvoCloud also reduces the number of bugs and errors our users are seeing, especially by Gmail users, by more than 80 percent! This is obviously quite significant; it means more consistent responses every time you open Evomail.

evomail error improvement

Whether on iOS or Android, EvoCloud allows us to better manage everything about your mobile email experience. Some of these highlights include:

  • Dramatic speed improvements
  • Support for accounts – announced last week
  • Support for accounts
  • A new hosting provider (Softlayer, owned by IBM) means Evomail is more stable
  • For Gmail – label indicators show up properly when viewing your messages list

We’re even overcoming some seemingly obvious issues that have troubled our users. If you send something, the message appears in sent. If you archive something, the message appears in archive. If you delete something, the message appears in trash.

“With EvoCloud, we’ll grant more insight and visibility in to our operations, and receive more insight and visibility in to what our customers are experiencing,” commented George. “EvoCloud will make Evomail what it’s supposed to be.”

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