Evomail+ Version 2.0.7 Addresses User Reported Bug Fixes

Our first update for spring is now sitting on your phones. And if you haven’t picked it up yet, go to the App Store to download it now.

We’re as tuned in to your requests as ever, making this update pretty focused on general clean up, bug fixes, and back-end improvements.

One bug that’s been bugging you that was bugging us was how incompatible the Fleksy keyboard has been. We don’t want anything interrupting your Evomail+ experience, so we’ve removed the Fleksy keyboard support for now.

If you were still using our original Evomail for iOS6 version, you may have noticed a bit of a roadblock there. We have removed it from the App Store to focus our attention solely on the Evomail+ version for iOS7.

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Naama Bloom’s Inbox is Full of Email, Tampons, and Satisfied Customers

Naama Bloom is probably my favorite startup founder of the past year (no offense, Jonathan)! She’s smart, has an equally wild mop of curls, and has made it more socially acceptable to say the word tampon out loud. She started HelloFlo.com about a year ago, and got the kind of press coverage any startup hopes for when they published The Camp Gyno video. The subscription service delivers a kit to women and girls each month loaded with their choice of feminine products (and even chocolate!) just in time.

The business is growing, in fact Naama tells us it’s doing really well as they look at expanding their product offerings. All of that means, as any CEO knows, is a swelling inbox. Naama told us her email story, how she manages the 20-50 replies she actually manages to get to each day, and why her customers’ emails will always outrank any other.

“My priority is always the customer service emails, I can’t let those sit. That’s my business,” Naama told us.  …Continue Reading…

Do You Yesterbox? Evomail’s Snooze and Foldering Features are Ideal for Tony Hsieh’s Practice

tony hsieh

You know the drill during the morning email sort: three more come in while you frantically reply to one. It’s ratios like that that will keep your nose in your inbox, far away from the real work, all day. It’s a cycle all too many of us can’t seem to break free from, but Tony Hsieh figured out a solution that’s working for him. It’s called Yesterbox, and he’s far from the only one adopting the “email ninja strategy,” as @AprilRinne called the practice.

The solution is simple: any email you receive today goes untouched until tomorrow. Today, you are only working on emails that came in yesterday. Yesterday’s inbox = Yesterdaybox.

Especially for those who treat their inbox like a to-do list, like Hseih does, it’s a way to get off the “never-ending treadmill” while still attending to every item that needs attention without feeling totally overwhelmed by the process.

Evomail is built to support the Yesterbox practice. Snooze is one of our most popular features and will help you master the idea of Yesterbox. As new emails come in today, simply snooze them to return tomorrow; that way you don’t have to stare at a swelling number on your badge count. And when you sit down to tackle your inbox in the morning, yesterday’s mail will be waiting. …Continue Reading…

The Push: We’re Terribly Good Looking and Working Terribly Hard



Evomail+ update 2.0.6 went live last Friday, February 28. Download it here.

Nothing else? Not right this minute. Remember, we’re a small team with big plans and big ideas. Our entire development and design team have had their heads down for the past couple of weeks working on a major project. All the while, we’re staying on top of your support requests and addressing issues we can alleviate outside of a version update. We’ve got some exciting things in the pipe for you guys. As always, thanks for hanging in with us!


The update released February 11 is one to grab if you haven’t yet.

see above!


We’re terribly good-looking, so says Cam Bunton at TodaysiPhone. Evomail+ was included in a round-up of the best email apps. It’s good competition like that that keeps us all honest and hustling. …Continue Reading…

Nifty Nuts and Pizza Huts: 12 Reasons We Love Being Sent from Wichita

sent from wichita evomail

12. Aviation Industry

As the Air Capital of the World, Wichita is home to aviation leaders Cessna, Learjet, and Hawker Beechcraft. These companies all have headquarters in Wichita, providing thousands of jobs for the area. We long held the distinction of taking care of Air Force One, and Harrison Ford is often seen dining at Connie’s Mexico Cafe while his Cessna undergoes maintenance.

11. Everybody Knows Your Name

Before making her way to Cheers, Kirstie Alley made her childhood in Wichita. Today, the actress still calls our historical College Hill neighborhood home. Other famous faces who once had a 672-ZIP code include Don Johnson, Jeff Probst, and Joe Walsh.

10. Low Cost of Living

Wichita’s cost of living remains stable and affordable, falling around 9% below the national urban area average. Median home prices here are about $125,000 and we spend $3.49 per gallon of gas.

9. No Traffic

How about a 3.3-minute average commute? While many large cities suffer with overwhelming traffic—a major stressor and rising cause of anxiety — Wichitans enjoy a mostly stress-free, traffic-free life. In fact, our Brandi Koskie says it takes only one Justin Timberlake song to get to work.

8. The Nifty Nuthouse

Imagine all of your favorite candies, nuts and snacks from current faves to vintage craves all available in one giant warehouse. That’s The Nifty Nuthouse, and it has something for everyone — from wasabi peas to the world’s best chocolate covered gummy bears and double-dipped dark chocolate malt balls. Seriously.  …Continue Reading…

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